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  1. Ata
    Ata SpaceCadet.-
    SpaceCadet. Why was I banned for LTAP my game froze and I crashed I quickly got back on the server and the admin wasn't on so I ignored it it wasn't my fault that I crashed you should unban me because I did nothing wrong! Please read this Unban me my steam ID and stuff is My name in gmod is am snek Please read this as an important message! Thank you!
    1. SpaceCadet.-
      I will try and fix this ASAP!
      Edit: You were unbanned as of 1:04 AM CST, 3/9/2019. I apologize for the inconvenience. You killed someone without adverting anything, it seemed like RDM! I figured you left because you knew you may have done something wrong.
      Mar 8, 2019
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  2. Ata
    Ata SpaceCadet.-
    Why was I banned for LAPT?? I didn't do anything what the fuck
  3. gagetegreat
    I'm back boyz
  4. Kwoon
    Kwoon ToKy0
  5. jaber
    well i got a crate key we got him
  6. ambient
    1. Avery
      Feb 25, 2019
  7. 529alex
  8. Ghostwookie
    my name is sicko mode on steam
  9. Chombos
    Hey All Welcome to My profile, i am not 18,idk why it says that so dont get any ideas XD Also im Your Good Friend Trusted Chombos
  10. Ligma
    Ligma#7777 on Discord. Ligma on Steam. Ligma Balls Lmao
  11. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Single And Ready To Mingle - *lookin' to you Kwoon~san*
  12. SpaceCadet.-
    I am not 20 years old, contrary to my profile states. I am 13.
    1. Ata
      Mar 8, 2019
  13. Despo
    (Note My Birthday and year I was born is false)
  14. Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas Spectre
    get back on obey my guy
  15. Vortezic
  16. Jordan Thomas
  17. Charmayy
  18. Black Wu
  19. Frank Wayne
    Frank Wayne
    The mods are asleep, quickly, post illegal article 13 memes.
  20. Chipp
    Chipp AvQuest
    Can you tell me why you -1 my staff app?