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  1. Rain
  2. Jordan Thomas
  3. Generalsebi21
    Recently just switched from another server. Looking for a good community and looking to have fun!
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    2. Puggie
      Hope you have an enjoyable time on Obey! Welcome to the fam!
      Dec 10, 2018
  4. Caden
    I’m now Trial Moderator!!!
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  5. ambient
  6. Jaryn
    Jaryn Mateo Santoro
    Love you Mateo ❤️
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  7. rudyslayer
    you think you are funny eh
  8. Like a Gentlebork
    Like a Gentlebork
    Like a Gentlebork
  9. Caleb
    I’m Sir Yeet, you May see me around the server every now and then. I’m only 13 so don’t have to much faith in me.
  10. Caleb
    Caleb Rudy
    Hello sir
    I am Sir Yeet (Calebna) from your dark rp server and I have been playing on it for a while in multiple accounts. I’ve been playing only this server and constantly on it for about 2 day 10+ something hours now. I’ve been thinking about staff and I’m friends with Tw1stedEnt1ty and I think I have what it takes to make staff, but I’ve hit a roadblock. I’m only 13 and do not meet the 14+ age requirement.
  11. Giff
    Giff ambient
    I schlep
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  12. ambient
    ambient Giff
    1. Giff
      Nov 21, 2018
  13. Fat Boi
    Fat Boi
    1. Giff
      :( <3
      Nov 21, 2018
  14. WaterIsWet
    WaterIsWet Puggie
    That coffee shit is a Myth you dumbass Nig ger
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  15. ToKy0
    ToKy0 Puggie
    Ur weird
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  16. ToKy0
    ToKy0 ambient
    nice edgy noob nn hahaha jajajajaj nn hdf du nn high uid no skeet havevnt ass commit neck rope and DIE
  17. ambient
    ambient ToKy0
    Nice uid kid 834 haha hhh du child
  18. WaterIsWet
    WaterIsWet Puggie
    Ur weird
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  19. ambient
  20. Tankbretz
    Tankbretz Rudy
    Its been a while since I played on this server and now there is no perm helper rank is there anyway I can refund mine or convert it into another rank