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  1. Giff
  2. BennyBrown
    BennyBrown Jasooni
    Happy B-Day Jasooni! Time to party hard tonight Amirite or Ami Left
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  3. Flipper
    rise and grind gamers
  4. Markzuckerburg
    I spelt my name wrong.
  5. Juan Jones
    Juan Jones downybrowney
    You have not even been on to see how much of a minge he has been. Also, I never rdmed for shit in fact I got unbanned a few hours after you banned me.
  6. Juan Jones
    Juan Jones downybrowney
    You had the most retarded response on my comment ever m8
    Play on Obey Servers!
  8. Wadu
  9. GonnaStickMaThumbs
    GonnaStickMaThumbs Juan Jones
    What happened to your rank ma boi ? :_:
    1. Juan Jones
      Juan Jones
      I resigned because I was tired of how downy was fucking retarded. And also yes that is it I resigned right after some retard seem to think I was demoted even though I put in chat all caps I resign this server is fucking retarded :D And then right after guess what downybroney false bans me for MRDM I am making a unban request you will see it probably
      Aug 6, 2018
    2. Juan Jones
  10. lbc321
  11. BOT Vinny
    BOT Vinny David
    he gave me RANK Nice guy i tell you
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  12. David
    I like to do events and giveaway stuff, because I love the community <3
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    2. Ahmed
      Thank you for the 500k <3
      Aug 4, 2018
  13. Chara
    Singular meme's
  14. Fear
    eating pear
  15. Chara
  16. juinboo
  17. Zuhn
    reminiscing . . .
  18. James
    waiting for ban appeal to go through fml
  19. Kali Muscles
    Kali Muscles
    Big Boolin on the east coast.
  20. King Joe
    King Joe
    if anyone lives in pullman washington and wants to smoke some weed and drink a few beers lmk.
    1. nope
      Thats sounds like a good time bb :D
      Jul 31, 2018
    2. King Joe
      King Joe
      got an eigth of super silver haze and 5g slab of dabs
      Jul 31, 2018
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    3. nope
      I got QP of Girl Scout Cookies rn, shit stinks my house like fuck.
      Jul 31, 2018