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Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by dulcette, Jun 1, 2019.

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  1. dulcette

    dulcette User

    Name: marcus

    steamid: dulcette

    Staff who banned you: thegooddocter27

    Their STEAMID:thegooddocter27

    Why should you be unbanned?:because I got 3 rdms because of crossfire,killing the hit as soon as the timer ended and getting kidnaped and shot someone behind the kidnaper

    Screenshot of ban message?:files to big
  2. thegooddoctor27

    thegooddoctor27 Member Staff Member Moderator

    Ok so that's not a steam id find out how to get it and i would be okay with this unban the guy just was unlucky and messed up.
  3. ripjaw56789

    ripjaw56789 Currently the only mod+ of Obey. Staff Member Moderator+

    Crossfire still counts as RDM
  4. Rudy

    Rudy Juul Master Staff Member Owner


    Reason above.
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