Accepted Ban Request for xX_6TelrPu$$yDestroyer9_Xx

Discussion in 'Ban Request' started by King Joe, Aug 2, 2018.

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  1. King Joe

    King Joe User

    Server (DarkRP or MilitaryRP): Dark RP

    Your name: King Joe

    Their name: xX_6TelrPu$$yDestroyer9_Xx

    Their STEAM name: xX_6TelrPu$$yDestroyer9_Xx

    Their STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:197626193

    Evidence (Video, Screenshots, etc): VIDEOS ARE NOT IN ORDER.
    0:40 3:38
    0:31 3:45 9:30
    1:40 3:25

    2:10 2:28 9:30 12:30 (i do believe this is a different incident then in one of the videos, you can check by looking at my time at the top right to see if its different/same.)

    What did they do wrong?: MASS RDM, Multiple attempted rdm, lying in sits, harrasing me without rp intentions.

    Additional comments:
    I was playing as an autist and telling people about my fidget spinner and he would come up to me and rdm me. Whenever I called an admin he would lie and say that i was in front of his base, past or near his kos line. Most admin sits I did try to call were straight up ignored or they were too busy at the time. I then got super salty after constantly getting rdmed, I decided to record. I dont know how to edit so there are different videos. For everyones conveniance, I shall add the times when he started messing with me. Again, I DID call admin many times before/after i was recording.
  2. King Joe

    King Joe User


    0:22 9:41


    4:15 8:32

    Numbers such as 0:22 or 4:15 are where you want to skip to, to see the minge.
  3. PopaOG

    PopaOG User

    +1 he's a huge minge and he deserves punishment.
  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo Member Staff Member Moderator

    I did see this happen when I wasabout to get off the server and told him that walking around with a KoS sign and placing it over someone’s head is not allowed. But I did not know he did it this much
  5. King Joe

    King Joe User

    I tried to ask for help but when staff actually took my sits he made an excuse and got away with it because apparentley i dont have any proof that I didnt cross his kos line when there was none to begin with. You were on near the end and I didnt bother you since I had recorded some of it. The sad thing is that the recordings are only half of the things he did. Gonna have to start recording my sits
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  6. Jimbo

    Jimbo Member Staff Member Moderator

    well what I saw so far is Rdmx3 which is 3 days unless another staff member sees a 4th then it will be a week. Also what do you use to record ?
  7. King Joe

    King Joe User

    Im not sure if youre looking at all the parts in the video i pointed out and my screenshot carefully. I see ARDM x1, Dmging me and running away x2, RDM x14, being a minge and trying to kos a whole street before he was stopped and prop climb x1. Yea i triple checked all the clips i pointed out. one of em he countered as a civilian and other he countered someone and killed the dude next to him since he assumed they were in a party. The rest were all rdms on me.
    I use OBS to record
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  8. Jimbo

    Jimbo Member Staff Member Moderator

    I’ll give it a better look over when I get home from work so I have a bigger screen lol And Jw what you have for a graphics card b.c I’m running a nvida 1070 so I have shadowplay which helps a lot sence it shows 15mins of everything before I click the my save recording file
  9. King Joe

    King Joe User

    honestly i dont know. I got my paycheck, went to my brother and threw it at his face and told him to build

    its getting old tho its about 30-32 months old
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  10. Jimbo

    Jimbo Member Staff Member Moderator

    Lol well that’s a easy way to get a pc built but I will relay this post to mayo so we can look it over and give you a final answer sence I don’t have any powers on the forums
  11. downybrowney

    downybrowney Member Staff Member Operator

  12. ACCEPTED Overall Minge, He will receive a one week ban for MRDM.
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