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Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by Billie Jean, Jun 5, 2019.

Ripjaw is potentially the worst admin that actually has tried?

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  1. Name: Billie Jean

    STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:241503274

    Staff who banned you: Ripjaw

    Their STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:155466171

    Why should you be unbanned?: To start this off, from my understandings none of the rules have changed majorly. The rules that will be set in place during this ban appeal, have been the same as long as I have been playing on Obeyservers.com. These rules will be listed and will be explained and used to explain what happened during this series of events.

      • You may not be disrespectful to a player/staff excessively
    Only roofs with a buyable door / ladder / stairs may be used to base on.
    The first rule concerning disrespect has always been considered saying phrases like "kill yourself" or anything of that serious matter. This concerns this situation because COL Ripjaw and myself were arguing, I was being toxic and very immature. I will admit that right away. The main word that I'm assuming offended Ripjaw was "autistic". As this being a very toxic and immature thing to say, it's never taken me to this situation as a ban appeal. Ripjaw was handling it very well considering that situation. As this leading me to a ban, I think this should be changed. Ripjaw had warned me (which he didn't) verbally multiple times. As shown in the ban appeal, he said he had warned me multiple times considering staff diss. I was never warned using !warn only through chat when he was not a staff on duty. If I am warned now, I was never warned beforehand. Him not giving me any hints of an incoming ban or any other punishment, banned me for 3 days for "excessive staff diss" shown in the ban appeal below. This was his main reasoning for banning me. On the counter side of things, the time he banned me was when I was not even talking to him, I was talking to Artemis. Once again calling them names such as "autistic" in my frustration of being declined to being correct about something that is in the rules, shown in the rules I listed. Ripjaw had a base upon a roof next to the tunnel in spawn, it had stairs made by RIPJAW. Which in the rules it says the base needs stairs, as in the map, not the player. I have been corrected by this in many other situations beforehand by previous admins, when the rule was the same. Sir Artemis continuously claiming that it was fine, went off duty and continued with his day. I would want nothing to happen against Artemis in this situation, I just feel as he should know the rules as he was staff before. Making more accusations against him, he just falsely banned someone for saying they were going to "MassRDM". He once again, banned me without actual warnings, which verbals don't count as warnings, they are a way of letting someone know they did something wrong without having a warning that isn't counted against them. He even said himself I was "warned verbally". Which do not count as warnings. Not showing up in my !warns either. As of now I feel the staff are very unmanaged, staff thinking they can do whatever and not follow the rules just because someone else was allowed that. As of now, I am uploading all of the proof I have that was talked about throughout this ban appeal.

    Screenshot of ban message?: Attached

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  2. ripjaw56789

    ripjaw56789 Currently the only mod+ of Obey. Staff Member Moderator+

    1. You proceeded to diss staff in chat AND in my private DM's
    2. The guy that got banned is unbanned he was being a funny guy and saying he was going to MRDM and I should ban him now so I went with his joke Artemis and Ligma heard this
    3. verbals count as warnings
    4. You excessively dissed staff 8 times (Including discord DM's)
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  3. @ripjaw56789
    1. I did not staff diss in your "private DM's" or chat. Nothing went to that extent stated in the ban appeal.
    2. Very unprofessional, makes you look very bad in the eyes of some.
    3. No they don't.
    4. No I didn't never said anything to that extent.
    You can't just do things your way, you have to 1. Go by the staff handbook. 2. Go by the rules.
  4. @ripjaw56789 Can we see your point of view with your video proof? It would be much appreciated.
  5. ripjaw56789

    ripjaw56789 Currently the only mod+ of Obey. Staff Member Moderator+

    I would post my video but I should let you know discord call was on external device so you wont hear anything from discord/my mic
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  6. Rudy

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    You will be unbanned. @ripjaw56789, you should've warned him using !warn or gag/mute him.
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