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Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by billie_jean, Jun 9, 2019.

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  1. Name: Billie Jean


    Staff who banned you: Ripjaw/Karma

    Their STEAMID: Not sure

    Why should you be unbanned?: So let me get it started, I will go ahead and admit I was being annoying, however not minging, in this situation. Let me set the scene, Ripjaw was shooting his brand new deluxe gluon gun at some windows, when myself, Billie Jean, decided to jump in front of him and get "RDMed". I called a sit and was banned WITHOUT any verbal warning to stop. I'm also pretty sure there isn't something in the MOTD that minging is jumping in front of someone who is shooting. Another admin was watching, and I knew this. I wasn't even planning to get Ripjaw warned. I feel as I wasn't informed, and shouldn't deserve a week ban. At most, a day or just a warn for False Sit x1. Also prior to this, I didn't notice my current job and mugged Ripjaw as a crackhead. Now you might consider me a minge for this, however, if I was trying to just make him die, I wouldn't have adverted mug and I would have just RDMed him. I did not realize what I was at the time. Also note this was at around 3-4 AM.

    Screenshot of ban message?: Attached

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  2. Weebatron

    Weebatron Rudy's Bitch Staff Member Operator

    Hold up, let me get it started
    B.B. with the Robin's, lookin' all retarded
    B.B. saggin', fly like a dragon
    Bitches suck my dick 'cause I'm fly like Aladdin
    Scum Gang!
    These bitches think I'm stupid, I ain't stupid
    Dummy boys fall in love with it, he stupid
    All these hoes on my body, cut the bullshit
    All these hoes, they ain't loyal, y'all lookin' stupid
    I just left Starlets and I ain't even cash out
    Back out, straight to the trap house, I blow her back out
    I'll pull her tracks out, got her running like it's track now
  3. ripjaw56789

    ripjaw56789 Currently the only mod+ of Obey. Staff Member Moderator+

    You where ignorant of rules prior to with less then 4 mins banning staff would be Karma as I only extended the ban
  4. Cyrus

    Cyrus Member Staff Member Operator

    My response:

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  5. Weebatron

    Weebatron Rudy's Bitch Staff Member Operator

    I was the one who banned you. The reason for is it because you kept jumping in front of ripjaw's gluon gun beam on purpose (about 4-5 times.) You also had done failrp by mugging as a crackhead I believe. I saw that you were not taking the rules seriously, causing trouble for other players. That is why I banned you.
  6. Rudy

    Rudy Juul Master Staff Member Owner


    Reason above. I unban this time. Next time, I won't be so nice.
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