Denied Brentan Tarrants ban appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by Brentan Tarrant, Jul 9, 2019.

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  1. Name:
    Brentan Tarrant


    Staff who banned you:
    Get Baited

    Their STEAMID:

    Why should you be unbanned?:
    Well i came on the server last night and I started talking to some players and saw how nice all the players were with offering to give me items to help me start my new role play experience. But then some players started to get annoying and instead of thinking logically and finding another solutions i let my testosterones levels get too high and i just started shooting and then when I get called into a Rdm sit i shot the guy and Get Baited decided to ban me. I have understood what I have done wrong and I regret my decision of Rdming that got me banned from this great server. I would appreciate it if my ban could be removed or shortened

    Screenshot of ban message?:


    Something else I would like to say:

    You guys should promote Get Baited because he is an amazing staff member and is great at his job. He comes to any sit called quickly and is able to help quickly and effectively. He was able to staff a server by himself and when i got called into sits with him he handled it professionally also while making the sit as enjoyable as it can be. He also has over 1k+ claims on the server so that is a clear indicator that he is actively helping the players on the server and isn’t slacking when it comes to his job.

    Also thanks for reading my ban appeal
  2. your not going to be unbanned. you did mrdm
  3. perhaps shortened?
  4. ripjaw56789

    ripjaw56789 The first mod+ of Obey.

    Enjoy the 1 week mate
  5. F4LC0

    F4LC0 Member Staff Member Server Manager

    you are a retarded libelrarll thonking with emoshuns dumb fuk
  6. What if i say im Australian does that give me a unban
  7. F4LC0

    F4LC0 Member Staff Member Server Manager

    Denied, keep your emotions in check liberal.
  8. Jaysos

    Jaysos User

    dawg why you complaining about 24 hours to a week, i got 4000 day ban and the reason is "retard Nice People faggot"
  9. Jaysos

    Jaysos User

    guess n word becomes Nice People in censorship
  10. ripjaw56789

    ripjaw56789 The first mod+ of Obey.

    Nigga wat?
  11. Jaysos

    Jaysos User

    im banned for 10 years and idek why
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