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Discussion in 'Staff Report' started by Queen, Jul 7, 2019.

Should Ripjaw receive a demotion for these allegations?

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  1. Queen

    Queen Normie Destroyer Staff Member Operator

    Your name: Queen

    Name of the staff member: Col Ripjaw

    Their STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:155466171

    Evidence (Video, Screenshots, etc):
    Instead of bitching on the forums about @ripjaw56789 and publicly posting his his photos online to just troll him @Cyrus @dan the man @Weebatron and pretty much crying like bitches, how about having supporting evidence to back up your claims.
    STRIKE #1
    Ripjaw likes to kill staff on duty while they're taking sits. A lot actually. Here's evidence showing he killed @Get Baited while on duty taking a sit.
    That's only a warning though. So naturally, @Get Baited warns him for RDM during a sit. Here's proof that he DID do that as well.
    Notice how Ripjaw says "I don't think it worked however?". So by this information we see here, he REMOVED his own warning. Here's evidence to back up the claim since it does NOT show up in his current warnings.
    STRIKE #2
    Banning for false reasons because he thinks there will be no consequences. His own staff, nonetheless.
    STRIKE #3
    Using commands off duty. To sum up the video, he teleports himself to Get Baited OFF DUTY. Here's evidence to back up my claim.

    STRIKE #4

    He breaks BOTH of these staff handbook rules by jailing Get Baited and threatening him if he unjails himself then he will ban him. So two strikes combined into one or should it be #5 at this point? Not sure...

    Why should they be demoted, or punished?: To EVERYONE attempting to make a staff report on someone, here's my advice. Wait until you have all the pieces of evidence to make a report like this one because nothing will happen if you just cry about it and don't put in the effort to the post. If he doesn't get demoted for this... I don't know what will. Let's see what the community thinks about it though. He CLEARLY breaks these first three staff handbook rules.
    Ripjaw wants to assert too much dominance to the staff team to the point where he believes there will not be consequences for his actions. A staff team should work together, not against each other. It's not fair to the rest of us that we can't do anything about it either unless this goes through. He already has one strike. I think it's time we see him away from the staff team.
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  2. Rudy

    Rudy Juul Master Staff Member Owner


    He will receive two strikes for the 1st offense and the 3rd one. Also, since he has a strike already he will be demoted.
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