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    UPDATED 8/11/18
    Rules are subject to change at any time.
    New rules will be in RED.

    100+ WARNS = 30-day ban

    Default Laws:
    1. Murder is illegal unless in self-defense.
    2. Do not harm others unless in self-defense.
    3. Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping is illegal.
    4. Money printers/drugs/bitminers are illegal.
    5. Having a gun bigger than a pistol is illegal unless you have a gun license.
    6. Any form of explosives are illegal.
    General Rules:
    1. Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch).
    2. Do not LTAP (Leaving To Avoid Punishment).
    3. Do not RDA (Random Arrest).
    4. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule), which is 5 minutes.
    5. Do not be a minge (Troll).
    6. Do not metagame (Using the information found outside of roleplaying).
    7. Don't prop abuse (prop quaking, prop blocking, and etc).
    8. Don't try to find loopholes in the rules.
    9. Use common sense.
    10. You need at least 5 people to Mega Base, and permission from a staff member (Trial Moderator and up).
    11. You may not raid hobos.
    12. You may not abuse exploits/bugs/workarounds.
    13. You may use binds to open your fading doors if you aren't in a RP situation or being raided.
    14. You wait until a raid is over before you can come back. You must stay very far from the base. (Staff decides if you were too close).
    15. You may KOS anyone who is mugging, raiding, attacking, breaking a party member's KOS sign.
    16. You may be racist to an extent. EX: You may say nig***, but not excessively.
    17. You may not assassinate the President.
    18. You may not have multiple binds in one bind. EX: [ADVERT] Rudy: Party Raid, Raid, Counter.
    19. Saying it wasn't in the rules or I didn't know is not an excuse.
    20. You cannot pull guns / knives or any weapons at all during a mug.
    21. If you have lost something in game, (ex. RP Money, Rare weapons, or even a Rank) Please provide valid proof being a photo and/or video in order to receive a refund.
    22. Players may not spam SWEP sounds. EX: Vape SWEP
    23. You may self-supply if there is no Gun Dealer on or if the Gun Dealer is AFK.
    24. You cannot scam people. EX: I'll buy you Supporter if you give me 100 million.
    25. You must not call staff for no reason. EX: Can I have money?
    26. You cannot shoot Staff On Duty, it will be considered RDM.
    27. Missclicking and Crossfire are considered RDM.
    28. You will be punished for making false admin sits or calling staff for no reason.
    29. You cannot impersonate staff.
    30. You must wait 5 seconds between each warn. EX: /advert warn 1/2/3
    31. Don't ask staff for ranks or money.
    Bank Rules:
    1. You must advert Bank Raid.
    2. Government jobs and Bank Guard cannot come back to the Bank after being killed until the raid is over.
    3. You must be Bank Manager / Bank Guard / Banker to be able to base in the bank.

    Criminal Rules:
    1. Raids may only last only 20 minutes.
    2. You must wait 15 minutes before raiding the same person.
    3. You must wait 10 minutes before raiding another person.
    4. You must advert Raid
    5. If there is nothing where you are raiding you must advert Over.
    6. You may not raid people just to kill them. You must raid them for a RP reason.
    7. Bank Raids and PD Raids are all considered a raid. So if you do any of these you still have to wait the raid timer.
    8. You must advert Mug, and the person you're mugging must know you're mugging them.
    9. The maximum mugging amount is 10,000.
    10. You must wait 10 minutes before another mug, and 15 minutes until you can mug the same person again.
    11. Using codes to raid bases is FailRP/Meta-Gaming.
    12. You may not lockpick or keypad crack until you have adverted "Raid" or "Assist".
    13. You may advert "Party Raid". You have to advert "Assist".
    14. You must advert "Pickpocket" when pickpocketing someone.
    15. You may not pickpocket people in spawn.
    16. You may not mug Hobos or Hobo King.
    Building/Basing Rules:
    1. You may not shoot through one-ways.
    2. You may not have little/small holes in your base to shoot raiders from.
    3. You may not have head/foot traps in your base.
    4. Players must be able to enter your base using a keypad cracker or lockpick or both.
    5. Bases have a maximum amount of 3 fading doors for the main entrance, and 4 for anything else (another room/area).
    6. You must have a building sign if you don't want anyone to disturb you while building, and you cannot have any entities in the base during this time.
    7. You may only have one base.
    8. You may not have any crouch bases.
    9. You may not build your base on top of a roof.
    10. You may not have a sky-base.
    11. You may not no-collide your props and re-collide them in any situation unless you are building.
    12. Minimum keypad length: 5 seconds.
    13. KOS sign has to be clear and obvious. Like if you say "KOS if guns out", but it isn't obvious if you say "KOS all reasons".
    14. KOS signs may not be small. They must be big enough so everyone can see them.
    15. You may not have KOS signs for "Annoying" or "Loitering" or standing in front of your base. You must have a valid RP KOS sign.
    16. Anybody must be able to get inside of your base.
    17. Tunnel End bases are allowed.
    18. Both raider and baser must be able to see and shoot each other when they are shooting at each other.
    19. You cannot have a delay on keypads.
    20. Your base cannot be black.
    21. You cannot have fake/hidden keypads. (All keypads must be visible)
    22. You cannot Mega-Base near the spawn tunnels.

    Government Rules:
    1. You may not base anywhere else, but the Police Department.
    2. You can only weapon check people if they allow you or if they're in the Police Department.
    3. You must follow and enforce the laws of the President.
    4. You may not stun-stick people for no reason.
    5. You may not baton rush (Player is shooting at you, but you proceed to keep trying to arrest him).
    6. Front Door of the PD may not be locked unless there's a lockdown.
    7. You may be corrupt (having printers/assisting bank robbers), but you can be demoted for it.
    8. You can only arrest people for breaking the laws set by the President or the default laws.
    9. Government jobs may break NLR during PD Raids.

    Job Specific Rules:

    Hobos -
    1. Hobos may not have any printers.
    2. Hobos may not have any guns / weapons unless it is a knife.
    3. You may build small homes or structures. Not gigantic bases.
    Hitman -
    1. Hitman can only raid if they have a hit on the person inside the base.
    President Obama -
    1. You may not make faulty or unserious laws. EX: RDM is legal.
    2. You may not make jay-walking illegal.
    3. You may only carry a pistol.
    KKK Member / Hydra / Grand Dragon -
    1. You may say Nice People.
    2. This job is a joke. Don't take it seriously.
    3. Raid in a group of 4 only with your fellow members.
    4. May build small structures in the road.
    Bank Manager / Bank Guard -
    1. Bank Guards may only arrest people robbing the bank or in the back room.
    2. Bank Managers and Guards may own printers in the back room legally.
    3. Bank Managers and Guards can only base in the bank.
    4. Bank Managers may hold other players printers and keep them safe.
    5. Bank Managers may charge interest or fees for holding printers.
    6. You may not assist Bank Robbers.
    7. Bank Managers may only have a pistol.
    Kidnapper -
    1. You must advert Kidnap everytime you kidnap someone.
    2. You can only kidnap people every 10 minutes.
    3. You must wait 20 minutes before kidnapping the same person.
    4. You may only hold a person for a maximum of 15 minutes.
    5. Max ransom is $50,000.
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