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    Job Specific/Specific Rules (UPDATES WILL BE IN

    Gun Dealers -

    1. You may only self-supply if there are no gun dealers on and/or they are AFK.
    2. You have to have a gun shop, but you can still have printers, bitminers, etc.
    3. You may make portable gun shops, but only if they are not disrupting to other players (Staff will decide).
    Hobos -
    1. You may build on the streets.
    2. You may not base in buildings/bases
    3. You may not build on sidewalks next to people's bases.
    4. You may not have any printers, bitminers, or oil drillers.
    5. You may not have any guns / weapons. Knives being the only exception.
    6. You may only build small homes or structures. They cannot be gigantic bases (Staff will decide).
    7. You may have a megabase as long as it fits the requirements.
    8. If you're basing on the street or sidewalks, you may not have a KOS sign/line.
    President Obama -


    1. “/placelaws” - places the law board. This can be moved with a physical gun and can be removed with the remover tool.
    2. “/removelaw (#)” - Removes the law selected (you can’t remove the general laws).
    3. “/addlaw (law)” - Adds a law to the law board.
    4. “/warrant (name) (reason)” - Search warrant.
    5. “/wanted (name) (reason)” - Arrest warrant.
    6. “/lockdown” - Sets the town to lockdown mode.
    7. “/unlockdown” - Sets the town to unlockdown mode.
    8. “/givelicense” - Gives the person you are looking at a gun license.
    9. “/lottery” - Creates a lottery for the public.
    1. You may not make faulty/unserious/stupid laws. (Ex: “RDM is legal” “Jaywalking is illegal” “Being a furry is illegal”.
    2. The law board must be near PD and visible to everyone.
    3. You may only carry a pistol.
    4. You may not make default laws illegal/legal.
    5. Your laws may not be KOSable but only AOSable.
    6. You may not be AFK for longer than 10 minutes.
    Hitman -
    1. Hitman can only raid if they have a hit on the player that is behind the base’s doors.
    2. You may not ask people for hits on certain people. They must decide who dies, not you.
    Terrorists -
    1. You must advert terror.
    2. You may only kill 3 people in a terror, unless you used an explosive.
    3. You may only use one explosive in a terror, unless that explosive does not exceed 3 kills.
    Miner -
    1. You may AFK mine.
    2. You may not kill other Miners for taking your rock.
    3. You may not build in the mines.
    Pets / K9 Dog -
    1. You may NOT use any other weapon than the Pet SWEP.
    2. You may not shoot or stab players.
    Assassin -
    1. You do NOT need to /advert raid or mug.
    2. You do NEED to advert when you are assisting / pd raid / bank raid.
    3. Remember to follow the raiding rules.
    Satan -
    1. You may /advert sacrifice every 10 minutes to kill someone.
    2. You may ONLY use the knife that you spawn with.
    3. You may NOT use guns.
    Jesus -
    1. You may ONLY KOS Satan if you see him doing a sacrifice.
    2. You may ONLY use your Bible SWEP.
    3. You may NOT use guns / knives.
    Savitar / The Flash -
    1. You may NOT KOS each other.
    2. You may NOT steal speedforce in spawn.
    3. Stealing speedforce is a valid RP reason to kill.
    Zombie -
    1. Zombies can NOT eat / kill other zombies.
    2. You may KOS anyone.
    3. Anyone can KOS you IF you hit them first.
    4. Anyone can KOS you IF you have your Zombie SWEP out.
    5. You may NOT use any other weapons than the Zombie SWEP.
    6. You may NOT kill people who are building.
    SHAZAM -
    1. You counter anything.
    2. You don't have a counter timer.
    3. You may NOT have any other weapon than the Shazam SWEP.
    Spiderman -
    1. You may NOT abuse your grappling hook.
    2. You may base where you like. (You still HAVE to FOLLOW regular basing rules and etc).
    3. Follow Government rules!
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