Locked Julius on Duty`s ban appeal

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    Name:Julius on duty


    Staff who banned you: COL ripjaw

    Their STEAMID: STEAM_0:0155466171

    Why should you be unbanned?:
    I was banned for a month for showing an exploit to a moderator and abusing that exploit.
    I don't think that is reasonable because there wasn't even a sit once i showed him he went on duty and i was banned. There was no one telling me to stop or get rid of the keys i was just banned. Honestly i think that is kind of stupid because yeah i did abuse an exploit but i showed it to a higher up so he can contact Rudy about it and get it removed but instead i was banned for 28 days. Its like the mod thinks i was hacking the game or something but all i did was log on and i had a key and when i killed my self/got killed i got another key in my inventory so its not really my fault that the glitch happend but it is my fault that i abused it and if it happens again i will be sure to not abuse the glitch and contact Rudy

    Screenshot of ban message?:

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  2. what exploit was it. was it the jimmie exploit
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    i dont know i logged on and had a key and every time i died it gave me another idk how it happend and i only got to do it a few times so i only have i think 16 keys and im happy to give them over all ripjaw had to do was ask to not to and to throw away the keys
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    The thing is the fact that you knew it was wrong and kept doing it meant that you were abusing an exploit. I will reduce your ban to 1 day and when its up please let me know when you're on so I can remove the keys / weapons or remove them yourself. Don't do it again, when you find that something isn't right. Let us know immediately.
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