RXPTXR's DarkRP Staff Application

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    STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:33619709

    Rank: VIP (Free)

    Time zone: Pacific

    Age (MUST BE 14 AND UP): 15

    If you are younger than that, please tell us how you are mature enough: N/A

    In-game name: RXPTXR

    Time on the server (1-day requirement): 3 days 21 hours and 38 minutes. I'm number 5 on the server.

    Do you have any warns? (How many): Two.

    If so, why?: One was FailRP because, I was an afk Gun Dealer. The other was FDA because, I was in the process of building my base but I couldn't have a building sign up because I had printers. Someone was raiding me as I was trying to place a keypad outside but couldn't do so, so I had to use to Fading Door to kill them (admin didn't do anything).

    Do you have any bans? (How many): None.

    If so, why?: N/A

    Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes. I was an admin for nine CSGO surf servers, and I was head admin for two DarkRP servers. Both of which got shutdown.

    If so, explain?: CSGO mostly consisted of kicking kids that were playing racist music in the voice chat and cheaters. DarkRP was fun and was a lot of work for me because we didn't have too many admins on that server so I was doing most of the work. It was a good experience for me overall. It also taught me a lot about responsibility, and I couldn't just do whatever I wanted to do.

    Do you have a clear, working microphone?: Yes I do.

    Why do you want to be staff on Obey Servers? (3 Sentences): I would love to be an admin on Obey Servers because I'm ALWAYS on the server . I think I would be great at this job and be able to get the job done very well. I also really enjoy helping people out. I see so many people getting away with RDM and NLR and it bothers me so much and I always imagine if I could just stop it myself.

    How are you better than other applicants? (3 Sentences): I feel that I am better than other applicants because, I've had the experience of being an admin many times in the past. I'm also very smart when it comes to problems. I won't only judge people on what they're saying, but what their body language is. I will also take time out of my day to make it my job to be on this server, no matter what it takes. And I strive to make it a better server and community as a whole.

    Who is the owner of Obey Servers?: Rudy (aka The Best :)).

    What is the best money making method on the server?: The Bitcoin Mining racks, or raiding hella people and taking their printers.

    What is NLR, RDA, RDM, LTAP, and a minge?:
    NLR is New Life Rule. It means not being able to return to where you died for a certain amount of time.

    RDA is Random Arrest. It means getting arrested without committing a crime.

    RDM is Random Deathmatch. It means getting killed without a reason.

    LTAP is Leaving To Avoid Punishment. It means to leave the server, change your name, changing you job or anything similar to avoid certain consequences

    Minge is just joining the server with the intention of breaking the rules.

    How often can you be on a day?: Usually 7-13 hours a day.

    Name 5 ULX commands from chat and console, do it like the example; EX: (!freeze [name] / ulx freeze [name]):
    !ban <player name> <Time> <reason>

    !bring <player name>

    !kick <player name>

    !menu /ulx menu

    !goto <player name>

    !gag <player name>

    !gimp <player name>

    If there was no one on the server, would you stay to help populate it, or would you leave?: I would stay to help populate it for as long as I possibly can because I would love to have new people joining the server and I'm sure they would love to join it too. I would really want to attract more good energy than bad energy. It makes me feel good about myself.

    Do you agree to not be staff on any other server but Obey Servers?: Yes sir.

    Do you agree to not abuse your power in any way?: Yes Sir

    Do you agree to not use your powers off duty?: Yes Sir

    Do you swear that you didn't lie on this application whatsoever?: I swear by everything.

    Anything else you would like to add?: This server is by far, the best server I have ever played on!
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  2. neutral, A good tip don't do bare minimum on the three sentence part make it longer.

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    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback :).
  4. -1
    have seen in game and breaks many rules. i personally do not feel deserves staff.
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    Thank you for the false feedback! I appreciate it:).


    i agree with what panther is saying I've seen multiple rules be broken by this person . I personally don't feel like he deservers staff.he has hate towards certain players so I feel like hell have favoritism to certain players and that alone is bad.ive witness this first hand.

    RXPTXR User

    May I ask what rules you've seen me break?

    RXPTXR User

    Also Panther don't complain about me "breaking rules" when you have 18 warns.
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    +1 played with you a few times very friendly. Butttt, I don't think that's the best way to make money
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    I haven’t noticed you in game much so till I do my input will stay the same but will give you a Tip space your rdm,rda,nlr,Minge answer out so there is a gap between each so they are all not clumped together
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    Thanks for the tip!
  12. RXPTXR

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    Thanks for the feedback!
  13. -1 ruined my first dark rp experience
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  14. -1 ruined my darkrp experience as well
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  15. -1 very toxic and dissed a lot
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    You were the one calling me a faggot and a Nice People during a sit and calling me a pussy cuz you were mad but okay.