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    STEAM Name:billynye

    STEAMID | STEAMID.IO:STEAM_0:0:419520219

    Rank:regular LVL 1

    Time zone:EST

    Age (MUST BE 14 AND UP): 14

    If you are younger than that, please tell us how you are mature enough:

    In-game name:billynye

    Time on the server (1-day requirement):1d 4h 43m

    Do you have any warns? (How many): 1

    If so, why?: RDM

    Do you have any bans? (How many): no

    If so, why?:

    Do you have any previous staff experience?:no

    If so, explain?:

    Do you have a clear, working microphone?: yes

    Why do you want to be staff on Obey Servers? (3 Sentences): I like the server and i want to help people. I also want the experience of being a staff member. I also want to see the server grow. The are also lots of players that don’t follow the rules of the server.

    How are you better than other applicants? (3 Sentences): I am very patient with people that dont agree with me. I am also very respectful. And I am willing to help new players to the server. I know the rules of the server.

    Who is the owner of Obey Servers?: Rudy

    What is the best money making method on the server?: There are many good ways but in my opinion i think it is money printing.

    What is NLR, RDA, RDM, LTAP, and a minge?: NLR is new life rule if you get raided you cannot come back until it is over. RDM: Random Death Match: killing people for no RP reason RDA: Random Arrest: Arresting people for no reasonLTAP: Leaving to avoid punisment

    How often can you be on a day?: it depends on weekends im on for around 12 hours but on weekdays it depends

    Name 5 ULX commands from chat and console, do it like the example; EX: (!freeze [name] / ulx freeze [name]): !ban !jail !goto !send !jailtp

    If there was no one on the server, would you stay to help populate it, or would you leave?:y i would stay

    Do you agree to not be staff on any other server but Obey Servers?: i agree

    Do you agree to not abuse your power in any way?: i agree

    Do you agree to not use your powers off duty?: i agree

    Do you swear that you didn't lie on this application whatsoever? I swear

    Anything else you would like to add?:
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    What do you mean by staf application format and btw im on rn and i was on from 12 am to 3 in the morning yesterday
  3. billynye

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    Is that better
  4. Lord Markwad

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    you didn't answer, why do you want to be staff on obey servers and what makes you better than other players you need to add more and then I will +1 ya make sure you go above the 3 sentences to.
  5. billynye

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    I think that i did but i will check
  6. Lord Markwad

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    i'm sorry I meant you didn't answer it correctly you need to go 3 sentences and preferably above that my fault for being vague
  7. billynye

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    It fine i added a little bit to it
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    If you make your app look better then that I will plus your app.
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