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    Your IGN: BBC Jinxnoodle
    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:125986612
    Strike #: 1
    Link to Strike:

    Explanation of Strike: I was building too close to a spawn tunnel and causing problems with players.
    Why should we remove your strike?
    You should remove my strike because I was building on my property line. I had a lot of people buddied and my base was just utter chaos. I was under the impression that if I was standing on the line, I would just have to be /advert warned to move. I can confirm I didn't move my line, as it was always on the curb of the sidewalk. I realized that having my line so that you can only walk 1 direction out of spawn was a bit mingy, but the rule does say mega-base near spawn tunnels, which 1, I wasn't mega based, and 2, if they don't want anyone based there, they shouldn't have doors 2 feet away from spawn, as I'm definitely not the first to do this (Jimbo, Adult, Most of the OG guys). I realize my mistakes and I don't think this should result in a strike, as I was obeying the rules while just trying to have some fun. (Even the kid who sent the vid didn't want me striked:
    "[SUPPORTER](PM) Quitsdrop: I never intended for that to happen"
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    You live, and you learn. ACCEPTED
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    I wonder why this post isn't locked....

    Mods are asleep
    Quickly, post illegal base building techniques.
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