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    UPDATED 2/20/2019

    Happy New Years and welcome to Obey Servers!

    Rules are subject to change at any time.

    Your account is YOUR responsibility.
    YOU take responsibility for ANYTHING that happens on your account.

    New rules will be in RED.

    100+ WARNS = 30-day ban

    Any word in the rules that are defined in “basic definitions” will be bolded for your convenience.

    These rules are to benefit your experience on Obey Servers.

    Basic Definitions:

    1. RP - (Roleplay) - to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of a certain class, job, and/or member.
    2. RDM - (Random DeathMatch) - Killing someone without a valid RP reason.
    3. ARDM - (Attempt Random DeathMatch) - To damage/attempt to kill another player without a valid RP reason.
    4. LTAP - (Leaving To Avoid Punishment) - Quitting the game to avoid a ban / warn / sit.
    5. RDA - (RanDom Arrest) - Arresting someone without a valid RP reason.
    6. NLR - (New Life Rule) - If you are killed, you may not go anywhere near the area you died at for exactly 5 minutes.
    7. AFK - (Away From Keyboard) - To leave your game while it is still running.
    8. Minge - A person who is ignorant of the rules, and/or is annoying to a point where it seriously affects RP.
    9. Metagame - To use information that would normally not be possible to use in a real-life situation to your advantage. (Ex: Using voice chat to find out a player’s location)
    10. KOS - (Kill On Site) - Self Explanatory.
    11. AOS - (Arrest On Site) - Self Explanatory.
    12. Baton Rush - To continue to try arresting someone after they have done some sort of damage to you.
    13. Prop abuse - Abusing your props (Ex: Quaking: Throwing props around to make a lot of shaking/noise. / Prop Block: A little to complete block of a location using props.)
    14. FailRP - (Failure to Roleplay) - Failing to Roleplay correctly.
    15. WallBang - To shoot through and/or damage a person through props that cannot be shot through by certain weapons (like a shotgun) and/or to shoot through a prop you cannot see through.
    16. Fail Base - The act of using/having a base that is not in accordance with the building/basing rules.
    17. One Way - A prop that you can see through from one side, but not the other.
    18. Logs - A menu where a staff member can look to trace things that happen on the server.
    19. Entities - Anything that can be spawned in with the f4 menu, dropped by inventory, and/or dropped using /drop.
    20. Raid - A sudden attack on a specific player’s base.
    21. PD Raid - (Police Department Raid) - a sudden attack on the police department.
    22. Bank Raid - A sudden attack on the bank.
    23. Sky Base - A base that is in midair that does not have any way to walk up to it.
    24. Crouch Base - A base where you need to crouch in order to enter/exit.
    25. Trap base - A base where you can get stuck or heavily disoriented whilst attempting to enter/exit
    26. Advert - To announce an event such as raiding, mugging, stealing, etc. This can be executed by doing “/advert (event)”.

    1. Take a screenshot/video of something against the rules that you think/know an admin will not be able to trace in logs.
    2. Take a screenshot/video of anything you purchased that is important in case of an unexpected failure/crash (Ex: Perm Weapons, Perm Knives, Money, Printers, Bitminers, Drug Makers, Oil Supplies, etc.).
    3. Take a screenshot/video of someone scamming you or another player.
    4. Have the Obey Discord Server ready and available if you are going to share a video of said instances.
    5. Have a Staff Member help you with any rule you don't understand or any definition you don't understand.
    6. We can only refund rare weapons if you have video proof of you showing us that the loss of your rares is caused by server's fault/rdm/rda.
    Default Laws:
    1. Murder is illegal unless in self-defense.
    2. Do not harm others unless in self-defense.
    3. Raiding and mugging are illegal.
    4. Money printers/drugs/bitminers are illegal.
    5. Having a gun bigger than a pistol is illegal unless you have a gun license.
    6. Any form of explosives are illegal.

    General Rules:

    1. Ignorance is not a valid excuse for breaking a rule.
    2. Use Common Sense.
    3. Do not Lie to Staff.
    4. Do not try to find/use Loopholes in the rules.
    5. Do not Scam.
    6. Do not ARDM.
    7. Do not RDM.
    8. Do not LTAP.
    9. Do not RDA.
    10. Do not break NLR.
    11. Do not be a Minge.
    12. Do not Metagame.
    13. Do not Wallbang.
    14. Do not FailRP.
    15. You may not have weird characters in your names such as Ù or á (Staff will decide).
    16. Do not try to find/use Exploits/Bugs/Workarounds.
    17. Missclicks, Crossfire, and/or Accidents are not valid excuses to RDM.
    18. Do not make False Sits (Ex: “Give me money!” or “Please Finger me Rudy” or “Staff is Sh**/God”)
    19. Do not impersonate staff.
    20. No advertising in any way, shape, or form.
    21. Blowing up your printers/bitminers while being raided will count as FailRP.
    22. Do not attempt to harm the community or it's players in anyway.

    Chat Rules:
    1. You may be racist, but only to an extent. (Ex: you can say Nig***, but not excessively).
    2. Do not spam chat unless it is a countdown (countdowns can’t be in /OOC unless they absolutely have to be).
    3. Do not abuse your mic in a way that is minge-worthy (playing a song, screaming right into your mic, etc.).
    4. You may not be disrespectful to a player/staff excessively.
    5. Do not ask staff for ranks or money.

    Advert Rules:

    1. If you are adverting an event, it must be in parenthesis if you have some other kind of text involved [Ex: [Advert] Rudy: This is a (Raid) and it’s (KOS if near)].
    2. You cannot have multiple events in one bind (Ex: “[Advert] Rudy: Raid / Mug / Assist” or “[Advert] Rudy: Over/False”).
    3. In order to raid the police department/bank, you must advert “PD Raid” or “Bank Raid”.
    4. When warning someone, you must have a valid RP reason to warn them.
    5. When warning a player, you must wait 5 seconds in between each warns, and there must be 3 warns in order for you to kill the player.
    6. You can use a bind like “[Advert] Rudy: Warn 1/2/3” three times so you don’t have to keep typing different warns.
    7. The person you are warning must know you are warning them.
    8. You have to advert “over” or “false” for raiding, mugging, counter, and similar events.

    Mugging Rules:
    1. In order to begin a mug, you must advert “mug” followed by the amount needed to drop (Ex. [Advert] Rudy: Mug drop 2k in 10 seconds or die).
    2. The maximum mugging amount is 10,000.
    3. The person you are mugging MUST know they are being mugged.
    4. You must wait 10 minutes before you can mug someone again, and 15 minutes to mug the same person again.
    5. Mugs can have special rules like “KOS if running away” or “KOS if you ask for help” but must be included in the advert. Do not abuse this.
    6. You must give the person being mugged at least 10 seconds to react (after they know they are being mugged) before you can kill them; Special rules being an exception.
    7. You cannot pull any kind of weapon out if you are being mugged.
    8. You cannot mug someone if they are holding any kind of weapon.

    KOS signs/lines Rules:
    1. You may have KOS lines but you may not extend it to the street and you may not block any NPCs with it too.
    2. KOS signs cannot be small, and everyone should be able to see them. (Use common sense)
    3. You may have your KOS Sign as "KOS if Raiding Tools out", "KOS if Raiding, "KOS if Inside".

    Gang Rules:
    1. You must be a job that can raid to claim points. (Ex. Thief / Marauder / etc)
    2. To claim a point you must advert capture point.
    3. If another gang goes onto the capture point zone, you may kill them.

    Party Rules:
    1. You may KOS anyone who is raiding, mugging and/or damaging a party member.
    2. You may KOS anyone who is breaking your party members’ sign(s).
    3. You may enforce your party members KOS sign/line.
    4. Your party members can have each other's own separate base, however, you may not be based on both of them at once.
    5. You may not betray someone in your party (Ex. You join a party to get their codes. You go into their base, leave their party, and destroy everything.)

    Building Rules:
    1. Whilst building, you cannot have ANY entities in your base.
    2. You may have a building sign in order to prevent people from bothering you.
    3. You may not bother anyone that has a building sign.
    4. You may only have 1 base.
    5. Only roofs with a buyable door / ladder / stairs may be used to base on.
    6. You may not have a skybase.
    7. You may not have crouch bases.
    8. You may not have trap bases.
    9. You may not build in the mining area.
    10. You may not have areas where people are allowed to break rules freely (Like a RDM zone, fight club, cage fight, etc.).
    11. You may only have 3 doors for the main entrance to your base, and 4 spare for anything else (Ex. Another room, Printer case, etc.).
    12. Windows/Holes used to shoot players through may not be smaller than 1.5 blocks (Staff/Experienced Players can explain).
    13. You may not have head/foot traps in your base.
    14. Players must be able to enter/exit your base using a keypad cracker and/or lockpick.
    15. Keypad length must be at least 5 seconds, and cannot have an initial delay.
    16. Cameras may not be invisible, and should be no-collided.
    17. The only props that may be invisible are props that can be shot through (Fence props), but they have to be no-collided.
    18. Anybody must be able to get inside of your base.
    19. Tunnel End and Maze bases are allowed.
    20. Bases may not be black.
    21. Bases may not have fake/hidden keypads (All keypads must be visible).
    22. You may not have a base underwater.
    23. You may not build around gang points to have them in your base.

    Mega Base Building Rules:
    1. In order to Mega Base, you must meet the following requirements:
    2. Have 5 people in your party that can base.
    3. Have a staff member’s permission to use the area. (T-Mod and up)
    4. Own every door within the area you are Mega Basing (Do this AFTER you get permission, THEN start building.)
    5. You may not Mega Base near/in spawn tunnels.
    6. Mega bases must follow all building/basing rules except for rule #11 in building rules.
    7. Rule #11 Substitution:
    8. You may only have 3 doors for the main entrance, and an extra 4 for anything else.
    9. You may also make other bases (for each player) INSIDE the Mega Base.
    10. These “separate” bases may only have 3 doors for the main entrance, and 4 extra for anything else.
    11. You may not have people from different parties basing inside your Mega Base.

    Basing Rules:
    1. You may not shoot through one-ways.
    2. You may not shoot through holes smaller than the the limit given (read "Building Rules: Rule #12").
    3. You may not use anything in your tool/physical gun on your main entrance whilst basing (Ex: No-colliding a prop to get through a wall / using “color” excessively)
    4. Both raider and defender must be able to see each other when they are shooting each other.
    5. You may not shoot through props/windows that only certain guns can shoot through.
    6. You may not use binds to open fading doors if you are in a RP situation or are being raided (Buttons/Keypads are the substitute for this).
    7. If you die whilst being raided, you must wait for everyone raiding you to advert “over”. And while you wait, you must stay very far from your base (Staff will decide if you were too close).
    8. You may not use a no-collided prop to defend yourself from any kind of damage.

    Raiding Rules:
    1. You must advert raid.
    2. You may not begin raiding until you advert “raid” or “assist”.
    3. Raiding can only last 20 minutes.
    4. You may not raid hobos.
    5. You must wait 10 minutes before raiding again (Timer starts when you advert “Over”).
    6. You must wait 15 minutes before raiding the same person again (Timer starts when you advert “Over”)
    7. You may not raid people just to kill them. It must be for a valid RP reason.
    8. Bank raids and PD Raids still fall within the raid category, so you still have to wait 10 minutes to raid after calling over for them.
    9. Using codes to raid is considered FailRP/Metagaming.
    10. You may not advert “Party Raid” you have to either be the one to advert “Raid” or advert “Assist”.

    Stealing Rules:
    1. You must advert steal.
    2. You may/can steal any entity. (Money, Tip Jars, etc.)
    3. You do not have to wait a timer to advert steal again.
    4. If you kill someone, whatever they drop, is obviously yours.
    5. You may KOS anyone who is stealing your stuff (Abusing this rule will result in a warn).

    Counter Rules:
    1. You must advert counter.
    2. You can counter any event, however it must fall within your role. To clarify, you cannot counter a raid if your role cannot raid.
    3. The only exception to Rule #2 is if the person is kidnapping a party member.
    4. You must wait 5 minutes in between each counter (Timer starts when you advert “Over”).

    Government Rules:
    1. These rules only apply if you are a government job.
    2. You may only base in the Police Department.
    3. You may only weapon check people if they are in the Police Department, or by having them advert saying they allow you to do so.
    4. You must follow the laws of the president. The only exception to this is if the law is against the rules.
    5. You may not baton rush.
    6. The front doors of the PD/Bank may not be locked unless there is a lockdown.
    7. You may only arrest people for breaking the Default Laws / laws placed by the president.
    8. You may break NLR during PD Raids, and only PD raids.
    9. It is AOS past the second door of the PD, but you may add KOS as well in the laws and/or text screen sign.
    10. You may KOS / AOS anyone who is in the back of the bank.
    11. You may be corrupt, but you can be /demoted for it.

    Job Specific/Specific Rules:

    Gun Dealers -

    1. You may only self-supply if there are no gun dealers on and/or they are AFK.
    2. You have to have a gun shop, but you can still have printers, bitminers, etc.
    3. You may make portable gun shops, but only if they are not disrupting to other players (Staff will decide).
    Hobos -
    1. You may build on the streets.
    2. You may not base in buildings/bases
    3. You may not build on sidewalks next to people's bases.
    4. You may not have any printers, bitminers, or oil drillers.
    5. You may not have any guns / weapons. Knives being the only exception.
    6. You may only build small homes or structures. They cannot be gigantic bases (Staff will decide).
    7. You may have a megabase as long as it fits the requirements.
    8. If you're basing on the street or sidewalks, you may not have a KOS sign/line.
    President Obama -


    1. “/placelaws” - places the law board. This can be moved with a physical gun and can be removed with the remover tool.
    1. “/removelaw (#)” - Removes the law selected (you can’t remove the general laws).
    2. “/addlaw (law)” - Adds a law to the law board.
    3. “/warrant (name) (reason)” - Search warrant.
    4. “/wanted (name) (reason)” - Arrest warrant.
    5. “/lockdown” - Sets the town to lockdown mode.
    6. “/unlockdown” - Sets the town to unlockdown mode.
    7. “/givelicense” - Gives the person you are looking at a gun license.
    8. “/lottery” - Creates a lottery for the public.
    1. You may not make faulty/unserious/stupid laws. (Ex: “RDM is legal” “Jaywalking is illegal” “Being a furry is illegal”.
    2. The law board must be near PD and visible to everyone.
    3. You may only carry a pistol.
    4. You may not make default laws illegal/legal.
    5. You laws may not be KOSable but only AOSable.
    Hitman -
    1. Hitman can only raid if they have a hit on the player that is behind the base’s doors.
    2. You may not ask people for hits on certain people. They must decide who dies, not you.
    Terrorists -
    1. You must advert terror.
    2. You may only kill 3 people in a terror, unless you used an explosive.
    3. You may only use one explosive in a terror, unless that explosive does not exceed 3 kills.
    Miner -
    1. You may AFK mine.
    2. You may not kill other Miners for taking your rock.
    3. You may not build in the mines.
    Hoverboard Rules -
    1. Hoverboards are for faster travel and cool tricks.
    2. Do not abuse hoverboards in any way, shape, or form.
    3. Don't try to damage other players with your hoverboards.
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