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    STEAM Name: DogyGaming

    Discord Name w/ ID: caleb7911#9411

    STEAMID | STEAMID.IO: STEAM_0:1:201793643

    Rank: Supreme

    Time zone: Central Standard Time (CST)

    Age (MUST BE 14 AND UP): 16

    If you are younger than that, please tell us how you are mature enough:

    In-game name: DogyGaming

    Time on the server (1-day requirement): 3 day ( over a week before recent reset)

    Do you have any warns? (How many): 6

    If so, why?: Prop minge, Fail RP, RDM, Failbase, ARDM in a sit, and Baton rush

    Do you have any bans? (How many): 0

    If so, why?: N/A

    Do you have any previous staff experience?: No

    If so, explain?:

    Do you have a clear, working microphone?: Yes

    How long have you been playing on Obey?: 3 months

    Why do you want to be staff on Obey Servers? (5 Sentences minimum): I would like to be staff because I would really want to help players have a fun and fair environment. I have noticed that there are not enough staff online always and I would like to fix that. I would love to make sure this server is running smoothly without rule breakers. I also would like to be staff to make everyone's day a little better by not having to worry about rule breakers. I would also like to have the ability to inform new players of rules better and give them a fair opportunity on the server.

    How are you better than other applicants? (5 Sentences minimum): I am a very fast typist. I am very experienced on the rules, I have been through them all a million times. I am a very positive person and will be sure to make everyone feel good. I am good at making people calm down. I am not a hot head, I will be able to keep my cool under pressure and make sure that rules are followed with no bias.

    What staff member recommended you? (REQUIRED): Mr Yeet, Juan Jones, TechnoMerk, and Billie Jean

    Who is the owner of Obey Servers?: Rudy/Kwoon

    What is the best money making method on the server?: Printers with bitcoin together

    What is NLR, RDA, RDM, LTAP, and a minge?:

    NLR: New Life Rule, this means you may not return to the same area for a minimum of 5 minutes (excluding if you are being raided) And you also may not use information learned from the previous life (Where someones printers are).

    RDA: Random Arrest, it is when someone is arrested for no reason.

    RDM: Random Death Match, being killed for no RP reason.

    LTAP: Leaving To Avoid Punishment, leaving during a sit to try to avoid a warn.

    Minge: Just someone bugging others with propblock or mic spam, just trying to bug people.

    How often can you be on the server? (Make a schedule for the whole week) EX: Monday: 10 AM - 3 PM:

    Monday- Friday: 6 PM- 10 PM
    Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM- 10 PM

    Name 10 commands from console, do it like the example; EX: (ulx freeze [name]):

    Ulx ban [name] [time] [reason]
    Ulx mute [name]
    Ulx goto [name]
    Ulx jail [name] [time]
    Ulx kick [name] [reason]
    Ulx strip [name]
    Ulx warn [name] [reason]
    Ulx motd
    Ulx bring [name]
    Ulx gag [name]

    If there was no one on the server, would you stay to help populate it, or would you leave?: Stay

    Do you agree to not be staff on any other server but Obey Servers?: Yes

    Do you agree to not abuse your power in any way?: Yes

    Do you agree to not use your powers off duty?: Yes

    Do you agree to use the console for any ULX commands you will use?: Yes

    Do you understand that if you lie on any part of this application you will be demoted fully? (EX: Head-Admin => USER): Yes

    Anything else you would like to add?:
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  2. +1 because he is a good friend! :)
    he may give me a blow job lol
  3. Lowpy

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    +1 absolute minge

    love u
  4. Kyeler

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    +1 Fun, good friend, professional, would love to train. bet
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    +1 nice guy
  6. billie_jean

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    You are pretty active besides that one big gap. You have never been toxic to me anyways. Great friend. +1
  7. Great friend. Highly active and treats new people extremely well. +1
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    +1 Quite active and good Friend.
  9. Great friend.:)
    Better lover.:oops:

  10. Lowpy

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    He is also active and knows when to be serious

    (I bump your thread for you Papa)
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    Put more efforts into this and I will look at it later.