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  1. juliusB

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    STEAM Name:Espilec

    Discord Name w/ ID:Julius B#5221

    STEAMID | STEAMID.IO:STEAM_1:1:482533030


    Time zone:EST

    Age (MUST BE 14 AND UP):15

    If you are younger than that, please tell us how you are mature enough:(Im older than 14)

    In-game name:Julius B. and ZeroTwo

    Time on the server (6 hour requirement):17hrs

    Do you have any warns? (How many):I Have a verbal warning

    If so, why?:I RDM a Rule breaker

    Do you have any bans? (How many):No

    If so, why?:

    Do you have any previous staff experience?:Yes

    If so, explain?:Im a MOD on California Gaming its a up and coming DarkRP server if you need proof I can send SS

    Do you have a clear, working microphone?:Yes

    How long have you been playing on Obey?:17hrs But in a spand of like 3 days.

    Why do you want to be staff on Obey Servers? (7 Sentences minimum):I really love this server. The owner is really cool guy when i met him. The staff team are really chill,awesome people. They helped when I need help. And responded on Discord really quickly when their is an issue on the server.The regular players are really nice people I love talking to them all. And in the end I just have the most fun on this server.

    How are you better than other applicants? (7 Sentences minimum):I feel as if im more into the community. as in I didnt join and just put my staff application in the first 10 minutes. I played with many of the regular players most of them have no issues with me. I know I will never abuse NOclip or anything close to that. I've only broken one rule but that was too stop a Rulebreaker. I'm always on GMod because i have no social life so I'll always will be able to handle any troubles that are in the server. Im very patient when it comes to a long sit where someone needs to gather proof.

    What staff member recommended you? (REQUIRED):Rudy I wouldnt call it recommend but he said sure.

    Who is the owner of Obey Servers?:Rudy, and Simon

    What is the best money making method on the server?:printers and Drug running hands down, Made over 500k gave it all away tho.

    What is NLR, RDA, RDM, LTAP, and a minge?:
    NLR- New Life Rule, NLR Is going back to the place you died and joining back into the roleplay when you've already been killed.
    RDM- Random Death Match,RDM is when you walk up to someone and just shoot them for no reason.
    RDA- Random arrest, RDA is when a cop or any law enforcement will come up too you and arrest you without reason.
    LTAP - Leaving to avoid punishment, LTAP is when a player disconnects when they are not trying to get into trouble.
    Minge - People who act like idiot, Minging is when someone is like bored they'll just be and idiot and have no intent to RP.
    How often can you be on the server? (Make a schedule for the whole week) EX: Monday: 10 AM - 3 PM:
    Monday 2PM- 9PM
    Tuesday 2PM - 9PM
    Wednesday 3PM - 8PM
    Thursday 5PM - 9PM
    Friday 3PM - 12AM
    Saturday 11AM-9PM
    Sunday 10AM-9PM

    Name 10 commands from console, do it like the example; EX: (ulx freeze [name]):
    (ulx strip <players>)
    ( ulx slay <players>)
    (ulx ban <player> )
    (ulx spectate <player>)
    (ulx unban <steamid>)
    ( ulx ban <player>)
    (ulx gag <players>)
    (ulx mute <players>)
    (ulx goto <player>)
    (ulx bring <player>)
    If there was no one on the server, would you stay to help populate it, or would you leave?: I would stay probably build a base

    Do you agree to not be staff on any other server but Obey Servers?: I agree I will quite California Gaming

    Do you agree to not abuse your power in any way?:I agree

    Do you agree to not use your powers off duty?:I agree

    Do you agree to use the console for any ULX commands you will use?:
    I agree
    Do you understand that if you lie on any part of this application you will be demoted fully? (EX: Head-Admin => USER):I agree

    Anything else you would like to add?:Falcon is a cool guy tbh
  2. Rudy

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