Obey Records (temporary)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lowpy, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Lowpy

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    I think Water is not active right now so I will just take this over til he is back

    First Player to Ever Hit 100 Million Legitimately - WaterIsWet

    The Most Money Made In-Game In a Single Day - TechnoMerK | 200 Mil

    Most OP Base Built - Lowpy

    Richest Player - TechnoMerK

    Top Donator - WaterIsWet | 600+ USD

    Most Staff Sits Taken - Mayo | 5395 Sits Taken

    Mingest Player - Sanji (he asked for this)

    Most OP Custom Class - WaterIsWet's Ex Special Forces

    The Staff That Abused The Most - Guu

    Made a Fire Rap About The Server - Black Wu | "Welcome to Obey"

    Highest Ranking Gang - KKK
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  2. Best Mega Bases Built <---- TelrPu55ayDestroyer
  3. Lowpy

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    I will need to see this in-game.
  4. Kind of suspicious that the number one donator was also the first one to reach 100mil... :rolleyes:
  5. Jimbo

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    I want to see the dontations 600 seems a bit high
  6. [MAYO]

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  7. Prince Jay

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    His cc alone cost $400+
  8. Jasooni

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    I made more than 200 mil in a day, please change it to me @Lowpy
  9. You made 350mil in one day off a giveaway
  10. WaterIsWet

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    Lowpy runs this shit now
  11. Lowpy

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    Nah I don't water you take it back.

    I got banned for 100 years I'm never coming back now :/
  12. WaterIsWet

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  13. Scruffy

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    Black wu's song is trash
  14. Guu

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    Wth, war wu needs to be in mingiest he killed 46 people with 1 c4 lol