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Discussion in 'Staff Report' started by Superlamaface, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. Your name: [N3X] Co-Chief Superlamaface

    Name of the staff member: Sir

    Their STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:109220841

    Evidence (Video, Screenshots, etc):

    Why should they be demoted, or punished?: Sir should be punished because he done this 2 times now and it doesn't help that hes not doing his job and just doing rp like he doesn't have to do it
  2. Ligma

    Ligma Ligma Positive Staff Member Operator

    -1 First of all, his name isn't "Sir". This already says a lot about your ability to make a staff report. Secondly, this doesn't show him, "not taking sits". If anything, it shows how multiple staff were simply doing nothing, and how you don't understand that moderators can take sits off duty.
  3. Kwoon

    Kwoon the Chief Staff Member Owner

    What's the point of this ? I'm just watching you walking around.
  4. Juan Jones

    Juan Jones Member Staff Member Moderator+

  5. Juan Jones

    Juan Jones Member Staff Member Moderator+

    You better give me the right role right now or I will teach you gay
  6. TechnoMerK

    TechnoMerK #ComeBackKwoon Staff Member Moderator+

  7. billie_jean

    billie_jean Member Staff Member Operator

    -1 The video is you literally just walking around and flexing the player list a little bit. I dont even see where the proof in this is.
    Weird flex but ok.
  8. Jasooni

    Jasooni Member Staff Member Event Manager


    You're just walking around, he might have been AFK, and staff don't have to take every single sit there is.
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